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All about Fair Trade

Fair Trade

PCFP Newsletter, 18 April 2018

Fair Trade

Fair trade is a relatively recent phenomenon in Palestine but is growing in popularity as people come to understand the message and benefits of fair trade. The goal of fair trade is equity in commerce which leads to sustained development and safeguards marginalised producers and workers. 

We source many of our handicrafts here at the Palestine Centre from fair trade producers in Palestine. The Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans (BFTA), Sunbula and Canaan Fair Trade are all certified fair trade suppliers by the World Fair Trade Organisation. Each of these producers, in turn, support hundreds of artisans, farmers, and cooperatives throughout Palestine. 

This week we highlight our range of Fair Trade products from Palestine - from Bethlehem olive wood to beautifully artistic ceramics and embroideries. Enjoy!


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