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Celebrating all things Bethlehem

Bethlehem sale

PCFP Newsletter, 27 March 2018

Bethlehem Collection sale

This week we're sharing with you an Easter special sale of 25% off our Bethlehem Collection.  The collection celebrates all things Bethlehem - hand-carved olive wood, plus beautiful embroideries, ceramics and glasswork.

Shockingly, the handicraft industry in the Bethlehem area is in danger of disappearing. This is a direct result of three things: constant political unrest, the resulting decline in tourism, and more generalised economic hardship resulting from the Israeli military occupation. 

By bringing Bethlehem's unique crafts to Australia, the Palestine Centre - with your help - is committed to supporting the artisans, traders, workers and families of Palestine. The products in our Bethlehem Collection are sourced through the Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans (BFTA) network and Sunbula in Palestine - both certified Fair Trade suppliers by the World Fair Trade Organisation. The BFTA network supports 53 family-owned olive wood workshops, ceramics and blown glass factories, 50 women’s cooperatives working in embroidery, recycled glass, basket weaving and jewellery making, and 5 community groups working with people with disabilities. Meantime Sunbula partners with 19 local Palestinian community groups supporting thousands of small-business artisans and craftBethlehem Collection sale producers.

Choose a gift that keeps on giving - support fair trade and the unique handicrafts of Bethlehem. 

We hope you enjoy our Bethlehem Collection.

P.S. The Bethlehem Collection sale is on for a limited time only until 7 April 2018.


Olive wood artisan in Bethlehem

And in case you missed it...

We recently enjoyed Adelaide Writers' Week with John Lyons' gripping memoir, Balcony over Jerusalem, and a fascinating insight into "the real lives of Arab women" with Amal Awad's new book Beyond Veiled ClichesBoth books available now online or in-store at the Palestine Center.

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