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Gaza Savings Pot


Traditional saving pot made from Gaza clay.


The craft of pottery is one of the oldest traditional handcrafts in Palestine, with the same manual methods still being used today. Local clay is converted into tools for cooking, drinking and working. As the designer of this pot, the artist Mohammed Musallam, says:

“In this way, the land and clay of my ancestors literally continues to live and remain in the Holy Land.”

Mohammed used to have a traditional clay pot for saving money, and so did his friends in Gaza. They would break them when the contents were needed. For Disarming Design, Mohammed remade this pot and decorated it. Besides the heritage and the local soil, the pot also tells a story about saving money for Gaza, which sadly has become an almost impossible situation, as much of the financial help that has been promised to Gaza hardly ever actually reaches most of the people.

Size: 5.5cm x 12cm, diameter 32cm

Material: Clay pottery

Design & production: Mohammed Musallam (Gaza Strip, Palestine)

Producer: Disarming Design From Palestine


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