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Glasswork - Tears

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Hand-blown glass drops.


Glass produced in Hebron is part of a flourishing craft industry established in the city during the time of Roman rule in Palestine. Traditionally, the glass was melted using local raw materials, including sand from neighbouring villages, sodium carbonate from the Dead Sea, and colouring additives such as iron oxide and copper oxide. Nowadays, recycled glass is often used.

Glass production in Hebron is a family trade, the secrets of which have been preserved and passed down by a few Palestinian families who operate the glass factories located just outside the city. However, due to the Israeli occupation, glass production has suffered a decline. Perhaps these hand-blown glass drops embody this painful loss in glass tears.

Size: 6cm

Artisan: Hebron Glass & Ceramics Factory (Hebron, West Bank, Palestine)

Producer: Disarming Design From Palestine


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