Hide and See Travel Pouch

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Leather pouch, covering the need to reveal or conceal different identities.


A passport ordinarily represents being a citizen of a country. Although the United Nations has recognised Palestine as a non-member state, travelling with a Palestinian Authority passport is still subject to many limitations. Many additional documents are necessary for Palestinians to move, including a current identity card. All countries — except Jordan — require visa applications. Palestinians who apply for a visa don’t have any guarantee of success, because no specific guideline for access or denial to foreign countries for Palestinian travel documents exists. Some Palestinians possess a Jordanian passport or other dual citizenship that can be used to their advantage during their journey.

The ‘Hide & See Travel Pouch’ unifies all the necessary documents in a single wallet by hiding one identity and revealing the other one, for whenever the need occurs.

Size: 13cm x 16cm

Material: Palestinian cow leather

Design: Moniek Driesse (Netherlands), David Juan Ortiz (Spain)

Artisan: Saeed Ghanem (Hebron, West Bank, Palestine)

Producer: Disarming Design From Palestine


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