Memory Belt

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Waist belt with embroidered Palestinian houses, distorted by memory.


Meeting the women of the Gaza refugee camp in Jerash, Jordan, what struck Aya Abu Ghazaleh were their strong memories of the old villages and the existential longing to visit Palestine. But time and generations have distorted their mental images.

"Our memories of our homeland of Palestine can be tricky and forged. What do we remember? Windows? Doors? Domes? What were their colours?" they say.

This memory belt shows the distorted images of the houses, but, at the same time, it can literally hold them together. And in the little pocket on the inside, the most precious thoughts or things can be kept close.

This product was produced in Gaza Refugee Camp located in Jerash (Jordan). A workshop in collaboration with Darat al Funun, Amman Design and Disarming Design from Palestine.

Size: 179cm long x 13cm wide, with 16cm zipped, lined pocket on inside

Materials: Cotton, embroidery, zipper

Design:  Aya Abu Ghazaleh (Palestine, Jordan)

Artisans: Zeinab Abu Jarar, Handa Abu Ateq, Muna Abu Ateq, Wisal al Qadi, Zainab Abu Jamous (Gaza Refugee Camp, Jerash, Jordan)

Producer: Disarming Design From Palestine


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