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Potholder - Canaanite Stars

Potholder - Canaanite Stars


Potholder embroidered with the Canaanite Stars pattern. Cotton 100%, pre-washed. 

A variety of colours available. 

Size: 16cm x 15cm

Artisan: Surif Women's Cooperative (West Bank)

The village of Surif (pop. 15,000) is located alongside the Green Line (1949 Armistice Line separating West Bank and Israel), in a beautiful hilly region between Bethlehem and Hebron.  About a half of the village population are refugees from the 1948 war, who fled their homeland which later became a part of the State of Israel.

The Surif Women's Cooperative was founded in 1950 by Mennonite volunteers. Surif's crafts are known for their distinct style, using cream-colored cotton fabric instead of the common black fabric.  The fabric they use is made in the Old City of Jerusalem, woven on an antique handloom by Adnan Fares, a weaver that carries on the centuries-old tradition.   The embroidery patterns are produced by a system of counting threads, a method that gives the embroidery its striking and exact appearance on both sides of the fabric.  Surif's designs are adapted from traditional Palestinian dresses and reflect the heritage from different regions of Palestine.

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Producer: Sunbula

Sunbula is a Jerusalem based non-profit fair trade organisation committed to promoting social justice and economic empowerment for the marginalised in Palestine through support for local artisans and traditional handicrafts.

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