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Stress Ball


Stone wrapped in felt.


Living under occupation is an attack on people’s mental strength. Being confronted every day with the consequences of a conflict produces tension.

When talking to a Palestinian artist about the conflict, Dutch designer Mark-Jan Van Tellingen wondered if he had ever thrown stones at Israeli forces. “Yes”, the artist replied. For him it was a release of restrained tension, a short moment of completely de-stressing. In this sense, the stone became the object of release. Similar to a stress ball, it had the objective of releasing tension.

This design became a fusion of these two objects. A stress ball containing a stone, wrapped in felt. Will it serve its purpose?

Size: Diameter 6cm

Material: Felt, stone

Design: Mark Jan van Tellingen (Netherlands)

Artisan: Ma’an Lil-Hayat (Bethlehem, West Bank, Palestine)

Producer: Disarming Design From Palestine


Stress Ball Palestine

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