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An inside-out t-shirt with 21 "Made in Palestine" labels across the front.


A few years ago Palestinian youth and Israeli boycott movements launched several initiatives for alternative Palestinian products. One of the main ones was a new fashion line of t-shirts made and produced in Palestine. These t-shirts had beautiful calligraphy of Arabic expressions and phrases representing loyalty and love for Palestine, but most importantly they had the "Made in Palestine" tag on them, which is very uncommon.

Then, fake copies began to appear, similar in design and expression to the original t-shirts, produced by companies some of which clearly had Israeli owners. The tag on the original t-shirt is in many ways more meaningful than the expressions and phrases on it, and what is hidden inside the shirt is more important than the outside appearance. This makes "Made in Palestine" an authentic tag that needs to be defined and clearly shown as an emphasis on the development of Palestinian industry.

Available in one size only: Medium (42cm across shoulders)

Material: Cotton

Design: Ibrahim Hindi (Palestine)

Label: Bluzti Falistiniyeh

Artisan: Farrah Factory for Printing and Trade (Al-Ram, West Bank, Palestine)

Producer: Disarming Design From Palestine




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