Arab East Jerusalem: A Reader

Arab East Jerusalem: A Reader

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Author: Deniz Altayli (2013)
Throughout its history, Jerusalem has been not only the religious center for the three monotheistic faiths, but also an important political and cultural focal point for its inhabitants. Having withstood numerous wars and battles over the years, the city still remains the heart of Palestine and at the core of the unresolved Arab-Israeli conflict.

In recent years, increasingly elaborate Israeli strategies have been introduced to consolidate exclusive control and claimed sovereignty over Jerusalem, and which make any negotiations on sharing an open city almost meaningless.

Jerusalem is a very complex city and the realities of the situation on the ground make it a powder keg, not only in national-political terms, but also socio-economically. Israeli policies impact on every aspect of the daily lives of Palestinians in the city.

This reader is intended to shed light on Israel’s ongoing plans and policies aimed at further strengthening its grip over the city to the detriment of the Palestinian population.

List of Contents:

  1. Historical Background
  2. Religious Aspects
  3. Legal Status
  4. Population & Area
  5. Land & Settlement
  6. The Old City
  7. Jerusalem Master Plan
  8. Residency Rights
  9. Housing & House Demolitions
  10. Jerusalem in Negotiations
  11. Israeli Municipal Policies: Budget, Services, Taxation & Infrastructure
  12. Education
  13. Health
  14. Economy
  15. Palestinian Institutions
  • Paperback: 280 pages
  • Publisher: PASSIA, 2013
  • Language: English
[Source: PASSIA, Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs]

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