Ceramics from Hebron

Location: Hebron, West Bank

The Palestinian city of Hebron is famous for its ceramics and glass-blowing industries.

Skills in handmade art are handed down through generations of family-owned businesses. While producers become more skillful, they always use traditional methods (discarding the usage of modern wheels or ovens) which have been passed on to them from their ancestors. Hand-painting these unique flower and arabesque patterns is followed by firing in an open area and charcoal-fuelled kilns.  

Hebron’s ceramics are internationally known for their distinct style and careful, creative finishing touches. 

The various ceramics factories in Hebron produce a wide range of souvenir products from household items like wine glasses, dishes, bowls and flower pots. Designs take a variety of selections including Holy Land motifs starting from black and blue floral patterns to more colourful artistic items.

Artisans available at the Palestine Center

Al-Salam Glass and Ceramics Factory, Hebron

Tamimi Factory, Hebron

Hebron Glass & Ceramics Factory

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These products are certified Fair Trade: creating opportunities for disadvantaged producers, sustaining fair working conditions and wages, empowering women, and preserving traditional crafts and artisan skills. 

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