Children of Promise

Location: Bethlehem, West Bank

Beneficiaries: Vulnerable women, youth

Children of Promise Bethlehem Palestine

Children of Promise works to support vulnerable women and youth earn a livelihood for themselves and their families. Besides crafts and vocational skills, the organisation works on life skills as well, and provides a rich source of emotional support for local women. The organisation seeks to make a difference in the lives of women and their families through practical empowerment projects.

Their glasswork project, called Shining Bright, brings together women from the local Psychiatric Hospital and vulnerable women in the community to work together on these intricate glassworks while at the same time supporting each other and breaking down cultural barriers.

Women learn to be creative in making glass candle-holders in varying designs and colours. It costs 600NIS (New Israeli Shekels, approximately A$225-A$250) for one woman to complete a 10-week training course. The project builds relationships with those more vulnerable or living in poverty, and creates a platform for them to access other forms of support, all while creating livelihoods for them and their families.

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These products are certified Fair Trade: creating opportunities for disadvantaged producers, sustaining fair working conditions and wages, empowering women, and preserving traditional crafts and artisan skills. 

Impact of the project

“We learn much, and know each other, I get rid of depression.” - Hiam

“I wait all week to be here. It is a good psychological state of mind for me to be in here.” - Marlane

“Unity and good atmosphere, it makes me relax and not worry. It is a lovely program.” - Sehreene

Meaning of the Heart designs

Seeking heart - made up of many colours within, considering we seek many things in life. There are green shoots pointing upwards from the heart which grow in life and vitality as we seek after what is good. Surrounding the branches are pockets of bright yellow light, just like the truth that comes from seeking goodness. On the opposite side the colour is dark purple/blue, as these areas of the heart have not yet been discovered, though glimmers of rainbow purple can be found in between the darkness.

Forgiving heart - the colours here are dark blue, white, lilac and red. The red represents our forgiveness from other people, the blue our choice to forgive, and the white heart is what we are changed into when we have both received forgiveness and then given it.

Intimacy heart - the colours in this design are beautiful. The heart shapes are filled with lilac and fire colours surrounded by yellow with dots of white and deep blue. These colours represent the beauty of learning to more deeply relate to one another and those we love.

Transparency - the hearts have a surround of white, but are not filled with any colour. Instead they are left ‘see-through’ so that anyone looking in can see the candle burning inside. The main colours filling the holder are blue and green representing the life (green) and truth (blue) that flow from times when we have nothing to hide and are transparent.

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