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With Christmas looming just around the corner, this week we highlight thoughtful Christmas gifting ideas!


At the Palestine Center for Peace we have a range of beautiful and fun purses, bags, books and cushion covers. These items are manufactured in Palestine by Tribalogy - a unique design label supporting vulnerable Palestinian & Syrian refugee women in Jordan in a project which employs their skills in the design and manufacture of original handicrafts for local and international markets.


Today we will take a sneak peek at Tribalogy.  

Tribalogy’s focus is on providing modern and creative designs using local traditional materials which can be found in and around Jordan, while providing economic and vocational support to vulnerable refugee women.

Originally from Japan, Tribalogy founder Mei Hayashi moved to Jordan in 2008. Having previously worked as a fashion designer for high-end brands in New York and Italy, her contrasting life experiences in a small Bedouin village in the south of Jordan stimulated her to reach new heights as a designer, and inspired to use her creations as a way to celebrate the tribal cultures.

All products are carefully made stitch by stitch by the skilled hands of the Palestinian, Syrian and Jordanian women from vulnerable communities in Jordan. Your support will help to create a better tomorrow for each woman.


We are proud to stock a variety of handmade Tribalogy products. Our range includes: embroidered purses, embroidered journals, embroidered cushion covers and embroidered laptop bags, and more to come!


Behind every gift is an artisan in Palestine empowered by you. Shop now for the gift-that-gives-twice at the Palestine Center.

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