“I am an Arab”, a T-shirt with Identity

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This week we highlight some amazing T-shirts made in Palestine with care. 

At the Palestine Center for Peace we have a range of quality t-shirts in various sizes to suit your style and fit. Each t-shirt tells its own story! One of our most popular t-shirts, is our “I am an Arab” t-shirt.

Crossing an Israeli checkpoint, every Palestinian must present a magnetic card containing personal information, fingerprints and eye scan. So, when someone passes a barrier, he holds his finger on a scanner and this tells the soldiers his whole story. As the renowned Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish wrote in his poem ‘Identity card’:

“Record! I am an Arab, and my identity card is number 50,000; I have eight children, and the ninth is coming after the summer…”

The fingerprint designed for this t-shirt is made from this poem. When you look closely, you can see that what seems to be a fingerprint is actually much more. The design is an invitation to the world to look closely at this story and not to judge anything from a distance, as nothing is what it might seem.

We are proud to stock a variety of T-shirts. Our range includes: Banksy Balloon t-shirts, Banksy Flower t-shirts, ‘PALESTINE’ t-shirts, ‘Proudly Made’ t-shirts and ‘Disappearing Palestine’ t-shirts. 

Behind every gift is an artisan in Palestine empowered by you. Shop now for that special gift-that-gives-twice at the Palestine Centre for Peace.

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