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This week we highlight a variety of hand-made bags to suit your style!

At the Palestine Center for Peace we have a range of beautiful bags to suit your style.  These bags are manufactured in Palestine by a number of different manufacturers: Joria, Jelld, Tribalogy and Disarming Design From Palestine to name a few.

Today we will take a sneak peak at Joria manufacturers.  

Joria aims to spread alternative narratives about contemporary Palestine and reflect upon the function of creative practices in situations of conflict.  The design label, founded in 2012, presents and sells useful goods from Palestine, designed by contemporary designers and artists in collaboration with local producers and artisans.

These products are produced by women who are taught embroidery and sewing skills. Through these creative hands-on activities they have been able to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as use their newly learned skills to gain income to support their families.

All products are carefully made stitch by stitch by the skilled hands of the Syrian, Palestinian and Jordanian women from the vulnerable communities in Jordan. Your support/purchase will help to create a better tomorrow for each one of them.

We are proud to stock a wide range of bag options. Our range includes: Embroidered laptop bags, Checkpoint leather bags, Embroidered Travel Bags, Tote Bags (Keffiyeh designs), Shoulder bags, and Calico Carry Bags. 

Behind every gift is an artisan in Palestine empowered by you. Shop now for that special gift-that-gives-twice at the Palestine Centre.

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