Our handmade Olive Wood Holding Crosses are made to last…

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This week we highlight some of our beautiful Olive Wood Holding Crosses

Olive wood carving is an ancient tradition that dates back to as early as the 4th century with the start of Christian pilgrimage to the Holy Land. In the 17th century, Franciscan monks introduced the art of mother-of-pearl carvings, which, together with olive wood carving, developed and flourished with pilgrimage visitation in Bethlehem. Traveller’s accounts and historical documents describe the beauty of olive wood rosaries and crucifixes and their popularity among pilgrims.  All of our olive wood crafted figurines are hand carved from the trimmings of olive trees in Bethlehem. Pruning is an essential process for growing healthy trees, therefore no tree is damaged or destroyed in the process.

These lovely crosses are available in 4 different sizes in our online store.

They can add a beautiful touch to your home, adding a sentimental value to your everyday life.  Why not buy these gorgeous crosses as a gift for that special friend? We also have a selection of cards and gift bags to accompany your gift.

Behind every gift is an artisan in Palestine empowered by you. Shop now for the ‘gift that gives twice’ at the Palestine Center for Peace.

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