Olive Wood Hearts handmade to perfection!

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This week we highlight some of our gorgeous hand-crafted Olive Wood Hearts


Wood carvings are created from the branches of olive trees that are pruned at the completion of the olive-picking season. It takes a 45 day, six-step-process, for a piece of wood to transform into a beautiful piece of art. Wood carving is a highly skilled trade requiring 6-7 years of training in order to become a professional crafts-person. In addition to the high quality of the items, the unique fragments of wood encapsulate within each piece its own special, individual character.

All our olive wood crafted figurines are hand carved from the trimmings of olive trees in Bethlehem. Pruning is an essential process for growing healthy trees, therefore no tree is damaged or destroyed in the process.

These beautiful hearts are available in 3 different sizes in our online store.

They can be acquired as tasteful decoration, adding a sentimental, lasting touch to your home.  Why not buy these gorgeous hearts as a gift for that special friend? We also have a selection of cards and gift bags to accompany your gift.

Behind every gift is an artisan in Palestine empowered by you. Shop now for the ‘gift that gives twice’ at the Palestine Center for Peace.

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