Geneva Accord: Plan or Pretense?, The

Geneva Accord: Plan or Pretense?, The

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Author: Nick Kardahji (2004)

The 2003 Geneva Accord is a draft Permanent Status Agreement to end the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, based on previous official negotiations, international resolutions, the Quartet Roadmap, the Clinton Parameters, and the Arab Peace Initiative. The Accord was prepared in secret for over two years before the 50-page document was officially launched on 1 December 2003, at a ceremony in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Accord has prompted mixed reactions, ranging from enthusi­astic support to angry condemnation. Meanwhile, the individuals who are behind the document have been accused of treachery by elements from within their respective communities, and large numbers of people on both sides claim that the document con­cedes too much.

In this analysis, the author attempts to overview of the details and context of the docu­ment and offer convincing arguments for adopting a stance of criti­cal opposition to it.

  • Paperback: 150 pages
  • Publisher: PASSIA, 2004
  • Language: English
[Source: PASSIA, Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs]

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